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Top MusicWebTown Questions Answered
What is MP3?
MP3, or MPEG-1 Layer 3, is a file format released in 1997 that enables full songs to be compressed to small, high-quality files.

What are streaming MP3's?
Instead of downloading a whole file and then playing it, you can play the music while you are downloading it.

Is MP3 streaming easy to listen at MusicWebTown?
Surprisingly yes, MusicWebTown streams your Mp3 playlist instantly, so you don't need to wait to download big MP3 files.

How many Mp3(s) files can I upload per MP3 Playlist?
You can upload up to 200 Mp3 songs to per MP3 playlist.

Can I export my MP3 files to iPod?
Yes, You can easily download your MP3 files from MusicWebTown. Then you can import to iPod via iTune.

What kind of video files can I stream at MusicWebTown?
You can upload and stream MP3 files. MuicWebTown will automatically play your uploaded files in Flash Streaming format.

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