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Vangelis_Odyssey Showing 6 of 9
Total Playlist Duration: 76:00min Category: Instrumental

1. 01-vangelis-pulstar.mp3
2. 02-vangelis-hymn.mp3
3. 03-vangelis-chariots of fire.mp3
4. 04-vangelis-missing.mp3
5. 05-vangelis-love theme from blade runner.mp3
6. 06-vangelis-end titles from blade runner.mp3
7. 07-vangelis-the tao of love.mp3
8. 08-vangelis-theme from antartica.mp3
9. 09-vangelis-theme from cavafy.mp3
10. 10-vangelis-opening titles from mutiny on the bounty.mp3
11. 11-vangelis-conquest of paradise.mp3
12. 12-vangelis-la petite fille de la mer.mp3
13. 13-vangelis-l'enfant .mp3
14. 14-vangelis-anthem_-_fifa_world_cup_2002-mvp.mp3
15. 15-vangelis-celtic dawn.mp3
16. 16 Movement L (Theme From Mythodea).mp3
17. 17-vangelis-i'll find my way home.mp3
18. 18-vangelis-state of independance.mp3

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